SILENCER SATURDAY #163: Innovative Arms 9SX Pistol Suppressor

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Forget our previous discussions about whether or not pistol suppressors are worth the the time and effort, (let’s say that they are). When it comes to materials, internal design and features, the options are pretty simple.

Aluminum or Steel?

For me, the weight savings of aluminum is going to beat out steel for a pistol silencer. The lever forces pulling down on that muzzle are going to be a lot worse with each ounce added. Yes, you are going to have a limited amount of cleaning options, but I think it’s a worthwhile trade off.

Monocore or Baffles?

A one piece core will be more solid and easier to remove for cleaning and maintenance. However, in general, cone/K baffles are better at overall sound suppression and reducing first round pop.

Full-Size or Kurz?

Pistols are meant to be small, light and concealable. For that reason, with all the recent advances in designs and materials, my preference is for shorter cans. Length and volume, while still important, can be mitigated with good engineering.

Back to the Innovative Arms 9SX – It is an aluminum suppressor with K style baffles (cones) and a small-medium length in comparison to other options on the market.

SILENCER SATURDAY #163: Innovative Arms 9SX Pistol Suppressor

9SX 9mm

The 9SX provides the 9mm performance you’ve been looking for in a compact sub-size. Accommodating both pistol and carbine, the 9SX is rated for full auto 9mm fire and disassembles for cleaning. The 9SX includes a booster piston, fixed barrel spacer and a tool for disassembly.

A fixed barrel spacer is for use on firearms with fixed, non-moving barrels. Pistons are available in 1/2 x 28, M13.5x1LH, 1/2 x 36.

  • MSRP: $599
  • Caliber: 9mm
  • Weight: 8.7oz
  • Length: 6.6”
  • O.D: 1.375″
  • Material: Aluminum / Stainless Steel
  • Finish: Type 3 Hard Coat Anodized/ Laser Engraved
  • TPI: 1/2 x 28
  • DB Reduction: 34-35 Dry
  • As with all our silencers, the 9SX can be fired “wet” or “dry”.

The Neilsen device (piston) design is fairly unique with four forward facing teeth.

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